E3 2015 in pictures – Day Two: Once more into the breach

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Generally speaking, day two of E3 will always be your best day. And I’ve got the pictures to prove it. Photo gallery, hoooooo!

I’m dead serious though. Day one of E3, will most likely never go off perfectly for anyone. Halls will be crammed, lines are ridiculously long if you don’t have a PR contact to help you out, you are well and truly screwed. But day two? Everything just seems to come together on that magical day. Booths manage to get their scheduling right, games most likely won’t crash in the middle of a demo and there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to predict when there’ll be food in the press lounge, giving you a chance to properly scavenge a lunch with the rest of the industry freaks.

I pretty much had one of those days today. Everything fell into place. I saw a ton of stuff, got lots of hands-on time and I genuinely felt happy to be a patron of the fine gaming arts. That’s what E3 is. A ton of love, for a ton of games. And you’ll feel that when you visit various booths. It’s a feeling that I’ve encountered from plenty of small developers, as well as big-time producers when they’re trusted enough to wax lyrical about a game that they’re working on, when a set of eyes aren’t always on them.

It’s a funny industry, and a strangeone even when you think about it. But hot damn, it’s an annual highlight for me, as I prepare for the final day of E3.

Last Updated: June 18, 2015

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