E3 2015: Microsoft announce a brand new controller

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Microsoft are starting strong this year with another surprise announcement of a brand new controller for the Xbox One, but don’t fear you aren’t going to need to buy it unless you are a proper eSports professional.

In a move that appears to be a direct response to the popularity of the Scuff controllers; Microsoft has announced that they are now going to sell an Elite Xbox One controller that is entirely customisable for your professional needs.

dialpad  extras xback

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With swappable back paddles, swappable D-Pad (including a dial styled option) and swappable analogue stick styles and feel the entire mantra is centred around customising to fit you perfectly and help you concentrate on kicking ass and taking names instead of having to spend those precious few milliseconds removing your thumbs to hit certain buttons.

I expect this controller will become the defacto eSports controller when released.

No price has been mentioned yet but Scuff controllers can easily top R2000 so this isn’t going to be cheap.


The price has now been revealed and it will sell for $149.99 which is pretty close to my original guess. (link)

What is quite interesting though is that they are now selling the Xbox 360 for $170 so you can get a fully functional gaming console for $20 more than a fancy controller… not bad

Last Updated: June 15, 2015

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