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E3 2015 was watched by over 21 million people on Twitch

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I don’t think there’s any doubt that this year’s E3 was one of the best in recent years. Huge game reveals, more news on anticipated titles, and Nintendo muppets… what more could a gamer want? Not being there to see everything in person though (like those other three bozos I work with did) made me far too sad and jealous. At least I could be there in spirit via streaming, right? According to Twitch’s latest blog post, I was not alone. Over 21 million people tuned in to follow all the E3 coverage!

That’s not the only number the streaming giant is throwing around. Apparently, there were over 11,986,000 hours worth of content watched – enough time to go to Pluto and back 72 times!

Here are some other interesting numbers, all in a nifty infographic (via Games Industry):


Based on those graphs above, Twitch’s E3 viewership more than doubled compared to last year’s. That is possibly thanks to the debut of co-streaming, which opened up the event to a larger audience via streams in alternate languages.

With another large, popular organisation streaming the event, I thought Twitch’s numbers would take a knock for sure. I wonder what YouTube’s numbers are looking like? Marcus Graham, the director of programming, had the following to say:

“After crunching the numbers from E3 2015, no other live streaming platform came close to the success the Twitch community achieved. With more than 21 million unique viewers tuning into close to 12 million hours of content, we continue to be both appreciative and awestruck by the support we get from our passionate community. We credit them for not only tuning into hours and hours of E3 gaming goodness, but for bringing their own voice to the mix by co-streaming our broadcasts. When it comes to major trends coming out of E3, the appeal of live social video is definitely one of them.”

Well, I guess YouTube never came close then. I wonder how long Twitch will be able to hold a lead like this…

Last Updated: June 30, 2015

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