E3 2016–Bethesda’s not done with Fallout 4 just yet

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Bethesda’s not done with Fallout 4 yet. Though you may be finished with a post-apocalyptic Boston, the company that’s made it isn’t. There’s a ton more coming to the game soon – stuff that should make the build-happy among you pretty happy.

There’s a new workshop mode allowing you to create all manner of machine, there’s a new build-a-vault mode that lets you create a vault and lets you be the overseer – where you can experiment on your vault-dwellers. You’ll be able to craft your own it’s a little like Fallout Shelter, transposed in to the main game.

There’s also a way to “book a wasteland vacation” but very little information has been shared about that.

Either way, if you’re not done with Fallout 4, there’s plenty more coming.

Last Updated: June 13, 2016

Geoffrey Tim

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