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EA confirms a 10% staff reduction

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We posted up the unfortunate news of EA South Africa closing down yesterday and while we are still yet to get official confirmation of that it is looking like it wasn’t only South Africa that was affected.

During EA’s most recent earnings call the current CFO, Blake Jorgensen, stated

Our cost reduction plans will reduce our overall headcount by approximately 10 percent,

He didn’t state which areas would be most heavily affected but if our own local sad story is anything to go by then we can expect more regional offices to close and be merged into larger offices that will now look after groups of areas.

Personally it irritates me to no end when a profitable company slashes costs and retrenches people all in the name of the almighty dollar. There is more to life than having money in the bank and an extra couple of million for EA isn’t worth the pain and hardship that putting nearly 1000 people out of work will cause.

EA are not alone in this careless approach and I personally blame the power that companies gave to the accounts department who appear to care about nothing but ensuring every months profit is higher than the last. No matter the cost or long term pain this will cause.

Bah humbug… let’s rename today to klap an accountant day.

Last Updated: May 9, 2013

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