EA Games Sponsors Local FIFA Competition

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Dareno over at the local Xbox 360 forums has been organising a local FIFA 2008 online competition utilising Xbox Live which has received quite a few entries already.

Currently there are 17 people entered and with a few more days to go before entries close we will hopefully get that up to around 25 teams.

I had a chat with EA Games South Africa about possibly sponsoring some prizes and I am happy to say that they jumped at the opportunity to join up with the local community.

We are still working out the finer details but for now I can say that EA will be offering some prizes for the top 3 teams in the league and if we can get this tournament to run smoothly it can only help our cause for some serious AGASA sponsorship later this year.

So if you have a copy of FIFA 2008 and want to give it a shot click here and sign up. I am useless at this game but am giving it a bash anyway, it should be entertaining…

A big thanks to Dareno for organising and running the tournament and EA Games for putting up the prizes.

Full rules after the jump

Post your gamertag and what team you want.
1st come 1st choice
Only one player per team.
You may pick any club team in Europe!
League to start 1st February 2008
Will be on FIFA 08
Match 6 min/ half
No extra time or penalties!
Depending on number of players each player will play each other twice in the same week. Thus the league only takes a couple of weeks to complete!
All games not completed by the end of the league (date wise) will be seen as forfeits – so play your games!!!!

Last Updated: January 23, 2008

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