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EA Play Live 2020 – All the game announcements, trailers and reveals

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EA Play 2020 (3)

EA Play Live just wrapped up a few hours ago, with a show that was both humble and heckin’ surprising. Here’s a look at everything that was announced, as EA’s wraps up on the current-gen and looks forward to the future of gaming.

Apex Legends is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam

Having conquered PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Respawn Entertainment has their eye on Nintendo’s handheld as their ever-popular battle royale will soon be flexing its muscles on the Switch. It’ll also be out on Steam, much to the relief of PC players who hate having multiple game clients open. In addition to all that, check the trailer above for a look at season 5’s time-limited Lost Treasures mode.

A whole bunch of games are coming to Steam, so is EA Access

EA’s pivot back to Steam has recently seen a few gems from their vault cross on over from their Origin…uh…origins, and tonight a whole lot more of them are on the way! The Sims 4, Dead Space 3, Titanfall 2, A Way Out, Unravel Two, Apex Legends, FIFA 20, and Battlefield 5. Sims fans will also have plenty to play, as all the relevant expansions that have fleshed that game out over the years will also be included.

On top of that, the EA Access subscription service will also launch on Steam in August.

It Takes Two

Josef Fares, creator of A Way Out and responsible for making me sob like a baby without its bottle after I got to the ending of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, has a new co-op adventure game on the way with a different type of story: A tale focused on a young girl, looking to find a way to deal with the divorce of her parents.

Lost in Random

From the talented hands behind Fe, comes Lost in Random! Zoink’s next game looks like Tim Burton’s take on the adventure genre, as players take control of Eden and Dicey. It’ll be up to you to guide them through a world gone mad, wielding pure chaos to save the day in this mix of melee and shooting action. CHAOS!

Rocket Arena

Final Strike Games have basically taken the classic idea of a Quake III Arena rocket jump and made an entire game out of it. It’s a third-person shooter, rockets are everywhere and you’ll need to smash the opposition out of the sky come July 14 when it launches.

Star Wars Squadrons

We got a cinematic tease earlier this week, now here’s the full gameplay breakdown! If you want a detailed taste of Star Wars Squadrons, the video above breaks down the story mode that’ll unfold from the viewpoint of two characters, the various modes on offer, ships that players can use and pilot customisation.

FIFA 21 and Madden 21


EA has multiple next-gen games in production

EA Play 2020 (2)

And one of the has hints of Dragon Age of Bioware because holy crap that developer needs a win right now after Anthem and Mass Effect Andromeda. In addition to that, EA teased Criterion’s new Need for Speed, while DICE said that their next Battlefield game will be capable of “epic battles at a scale and fidelity unlike anything you’ve experienced before.” 

EA Motive is also working on something new

A very early in development look at something new from EA Motive was shown off, that involves third-person platforming, a jetpack and telekinesis. Sold! EA Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele calls the game a “highly ambitious, innovative new game that puts the power and creativity in your hands” and “an experience that would’ve been impossible without next-gen technology.”

EA is finally making a new Skate

EA Play 2020 (1)

It’s finally happening! If you needed proof that skateboarding games are back in fashion, then look no further than this reveal of EA finally committing to a new Skate game. It’s very very early on in development right now, but EA is finally ready to pop a 360 development on this cult classic series.

Last Updated: June 19, 2020

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