Earth Defence force 2025 set to release February 18th

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Right off the bat, this is the release date for PS3 and 360, so that’s going to tick off a couple of people already. People want EDF for the current gen consoles and PC. The way I see it, fans of this game are damn lucky that this game even gets localised for sale outside of Japan. Think of the Earthbound fans!

Nevertheless, D3 publisher has announced the launch date of February 18th for the US. In addition to the launch of the game, launch-day DLC including the “Special Ops” DLC with five additional missions for $2.99. Two more mission packs will release later on through February and March. “Mutant Rampage” will release on February 25th and “Beyond Despair” will release on the 11th of March. Both will contain 20 additional missions and will be priced at $8.99 each. Just in case the game wasn’t chock full of missions already.

So that’s a tonne of content for EDF fans out there. I had a great time playing EDF 2017 co-op. It’s one of those eccentric games that has a budget look and feel, but is just stupid amounts of fun. Not in the same way as ‘so bad it’s good’ just decent design and a strange concept. Japanese translated quirkiness that just happened to catch wind in the western world. If you want crazy Japanese budget game madness, their PS2 “Simple 2000 Series” especially volume 50 where the Japanese military battles a giant bikini clad woman. Ok, I’ll stop now.

Last Updated: January 22, 2014

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