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Earth Defence Force 5 hits PC later this week

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The janky yet undeniably fun EDF 5 is making its way from consoles to the PC with some new features that’ll provide players with even more giant aliens to destroy.


Earth Defence Force is one of the anomalies of the modern gaming world. By all accounts it shouldn’t be as successful as it is. It’s got weirdly dated graphics, some repetitive gameplay and the thinnest storyline you could ever hope to squeeze into a videogame. I personally never enjoyed the series but clearly, a lot of other people as the franchise is now seeing its 5th entry being ported onto the PC. This new version will come with an army of frog-like aliens for players to stomp, a new enemy type to mow down alongside the slew of giant bugs turned into city-stomping death machines by aliens. I guess.


The PC version of EDF 5 will be launching this Thursday, July 11th so all of those with the computer that feel like blasting away at giant bugs with guns that look just a little bit too big to actually be carried by a human, you’ll find the game on Steam. It comes with local two-player co-op and four-player online co-op so you and your buddies can defend the earth together. For all those not in the know, Earth Defence Force 5 is the equivalent to those American B-movies from the 50’s crossed with the spectacle combat of something like Dynasty Warriors all wrapped up in the “OORAH!” mentality of the colonial marines from Aliens.

So if you’re a fan of EDF or you just feel like a fun co-op shooter to grind and unlock new gear and weapons in, maybe think about giving Earth Defence Force 5 a look later this week.

Last Updated: July 9, 2019

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