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How to easily max out your stats in Fallout 4

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I’ve only just jumped into Fallout 4, and much like war itself, I’ve learnt that tangling with a Death-Claw when you’re only level 2 is an act of insanity with results that’ll never change. And that’s what makes Fallout 4 so special. Or S.P.E.C.I.A.L to be exact. It’s all about growing your character as you adventure through the wasteland, upping your stats and skills along the way.

And not running around Boston wearing only your underwear and a football helmet scavenged off of a super mutant. Earning enough experience can be difficult however, especially when you have a pack of Ghouls looking to tear you apart. Of course, there is an easier way, to get that extra edge in Fallout 4.

Although mind you, if you want to finish Fallout 4 in a manner that is about as challenging as getting Matty to walk into a ceiling fan, that’s up to you. Item duplication is easy enough in Fallout 4, thanks to trusty companion Dogmeat. But here’s how the stat increase works:

  • Go back to your home-town
  • Look under the chest of drawers to find an issue of You’re Special, in Shaun’s room
  • Take the stat increase, then drop the magazine
  • Command Dogmeat to retrieve the magazine
  • Just before Dogmeat picks up the magazine, grab it yourself
  • Take the duplicate magazine from Dogmeat
  • Drop both magazines, pick them both up and you’ll get another stat trigger

Easy as pie. Well not quite, as you need some skilled timing to beat Dogmeat to the punch on this one. Anyway, I’ve tested it on my Xbox One copy of Fallout 4, which I haven’t patched yet. The cheat works hundreds, during the times that Dogmeat wasn’t stuck halfway through the floor, but I’m not taking those extra stat boosts. It has the potential to completely break the immersion of Fallout 4, as dying and learning from your mistakes is part of the package.

Still, it’s up to you, if you need that edge. Oh for Grodd’s sake, Dogmeat is now somehow caught in the damn wall.

Last Updated: November 30, 2015

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