Encouraging Depravity, Immorality and Glorifying Criminal Behavior.

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saints-row-chainsaw So Saints Row 2 has only been available to the public for one day now but according to a report from the New York Daily News (via Game Politics), it’s already starting up controversy.

The New York Daily News have grabbed a quote from NYPD union boss Patrick Lynch, who says that “These horrible and violent videogames desensitize young people to violence while encouraging depravity, immorality while glorifying criminal behavior.”

Of course, the recently disbarred Jack Thompson had to add his two cents as well. He observes that Saints Row 2 is a “Grand Theft Auto ripoff,” adding “As is true with pornography, as is true with violence, the subsequent products tend to push the envelope even more.” Nice one Jack, but isn’t that true with anything, like movies or TV shows, cars even. Of course I would have thought the idea when releasing any product would be to outdo the competition. I won’t get into my thoughts on this as I’m pretty sure they are the same as every other gamer out there.

I just wish the day would come when games are judged on the same merits as movies and TV shows, till then there’s always going to be a steady stream of negativity towards them from people just looking to get into the news.

Last Updated: October 16, 2008

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