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Energy eSports on the hows, whats and whys of MGO’s

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Energy eSports recently announced their launch as a Multi Gaming Organisation; we caught up with Kas ‘CAWA’ Ahmad to take a closer look at why they started, what they plan to achieve and just how awesome the right sponsors can be.

Whether MGO’s are the future of eSports in our country or just a driving force, good management and a new level of skill and professionalism is critical. Aiming to be ambassadors for their sponsors, Energy eSports will be starting off as everything but a Mickey Mouse club. Here’s what Ahmad, one of the founders and managers had to say about it.

Energy eSports Manager Kas Ahmad

Why start an MGO? 

When we first looked at this back in August it was clear that there was an opportunity to leverage the Monster Energy brand further within gaming. For us it was key to get brand awareness for our sponsors and the more we could get out of gaming the better. Setting up the MGO was that route, more teams, more eSports focus, and more brand exposure.

How did the management team get decided on?

It was quite interesting. We actually all had the same idea in mind originally and then we all kind of got pulled together in a meeting and decided that we should go forward with it

What do you aim to achieve/gain from this MGO?

We want to be able to give our players a chance to make it big in gaming and we want to make a name for Energy eSports. In terms of gain, I think we would just like to see our sponsors happy with our teams when they perform.

What is expected from players/teams that joined the MGO?

Each player will be required to put in time and effort in their chosen game. As for the team, we want them to do as much as possible to put them in the best light across all competitions. Our main focus though, is the attitude of the players. We picked a bunch of guys who are great and we want their positive and friendly demeanours to shine through the MGO. We want them to act as ambassadors for Energy eSports and our sponsors.

In the past most MGO start-ups failed quickly after their launch, what is different about Energy eSports that will make it a success?

I think we know what to expect. Our management team has a lot of experience and we have made it clear with both the players and the sponsors that we are in it for the long run.

What does it take to run a successful MGO?

I believe that with a decent management setup, combined with the camaraderie of our teams and being actively involved in the SA eSports scene we can look to make this work.  Our sponsors understand the importance of this MGO and the backing we have received thus far has been fantastic.  This only makes us more determined to take this to the next level.

What are the sponsors bringing to the table?

SteelSeries has provided all the teams with peripherals of their choice while both Monster Energy and SteelSeries will be putting a budget aside for us in order to achieve some goals for 2013.

What kind of competitions or tournaments do Energy eSports plan on competing in?

This was one of our main discussion points when we first formed up. We want to ensure that the teams have the best exposure possible, so we will be taking each and every competition on an individual basis and sorting through the pro’s and con’s. We want to attend as much as possible though.

Will Energy eSports be competing in international tournaments?

If we can qualify for them and compete in the competition internationally, we will do so. It’s hard for the Black Ops 2 and CS: GO players to do it, but DotA 2 can definitely be done but you never know.

What level of professionalism can be expected from Energy eSports?

We want to be able to be proud of everything our teams represent, so professionalism comes into play not just while playing but with how you carry yourself. While players are associated with Energy eSports they are asked to conduct themselves professionally.  They don’t just represent Energy eSports, they represent Steelseries and Monster Energy.

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Last Updated: December 6, 2012

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