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Epic's Mark Rein is pretty excited about the iPad 2

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Oh yeah, the iPad 2 got officially announced, but you probably know that already. The updated version of the Apple tablet is sporting a bit of a hardware boost as well, and that gets game developers pretty excited. Which game developer is already excited about iOS devices? That’s right, Epic Games.

They released Infinity Blade for the iPhone and iPad a while ago. It runs of the Unreal Engine and looks damn fine for a game running off a portable device where gaming is a secondary function and not a primary one. What does Epic think of the beefier big brother of last year’s iPad?

The iPad 2 uses a new dual-core CPU called the A5. The tablet has twice the CPU speed of the original iPad and “up to 9X faster graphics”. That’s fantastic news for gamers, and fantastic news for developers like Epic.

Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games, was interviewed by VentureBeat at the launch event. When asked what this meant for gamers, Rein had this to say:

“It’s fantastic for gaming, we saw nine times more graphical power, Unreal Engine 3 can already take advantage of every bit of that. The device is going to have more memory than we had before so it means better texture detail, Dual core CPU – just the technical specs are phenomenal…

Clearly those are the kinds of opportunities. More CPU means potentially more physics, more enemies on the screen, a wider view of the environment…”

Geoff and I are already planning on selling our kidneys to get an iPad 2 when they hit South Africa. Actually, that’s a lie, we’re going to roofie Gavin and take his kidneys instead.

Source: VentureBeat [via CVG]

Last Updated: March 3, 2011

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