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eSports Wrap-up: First females to represent S.A in Korea, some LAN stuff and Steelseries Spring League news

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This week in eSports the Steelseries Dota 2 Spring League hit midway, MWEB announced a FIFA 13 tourney, daZLAN happening this weekend the 2012 South African Protea Team has been confirmed, got a sponsor and is taking off to IeSF in Korea on Monday.

First ever female gamers to ever represent South Africa at the IeSF

So, the cat is out the MSSA bag. The official 2012 South African Protea Team has been confirmed and will represent us at the IeSF inKorea. They take off on this venture on 1 October. Gigabyte has been so amazing as to sponsor this team and has made it possible for the first ever female gamers EVER to represent S.A at the IeSF. Gabriela ‘Gabybear’ Isaacs and Lyrene ‘Legato’ Küne will be pwning StarCraft II and Tekken Tag 2 Tournament; we wish them and the rest of the team all the best.

Full line-up:

Robert ‘PandaTank’ Botha (Polarfluke) – StarCraft II

Gabriela ‘Gabybear’ Isaacs (SAHETI School) – StarCraft II

Lyrene ‘Legato’ Küne (Knights Mind Sports Club) – Tekken Tag 2 Tournament

Vittorio ‘HotShot’ Puissa (HS DOJO) – Tekken Tag 2 Tournament

Steelseries Dota 2 Spring League

Bravado gaming tops another title in eSports as they take the top spot in the Steelseries Dota 2 Spring League along with BASH! halfway through the tournament. All results of this tournament can be found here. The premiere division results log looks as follows:

FIFA13 Tournament with Game Stores

MWEB GameZone announced that there will be some FIFA 13 tournies going down this weekend ALL OVER THE PLACE. These “mini tournaments will take place at the following venues:

29 September:

  • GameCanalWalk inCape Town
  • Game Gateway inDurban
  • Game Boksburg

30 September:

  • Game Pavilion inDurban
  • Game Mitchelles Plain inCape Town

 To register and all that stuff, check out this link here.

daZLAN this weekend

daZLAN kicks off today, taking place in Centurion. Competitions for this LAN include:

COD4 MW (5v5) – Computer House
DotA (5v5) – Inter Computers
CS Source (5v5) – Computer House

To find out more about it, check out the daZLAN official website or register on the forums for more info.

FRAG LAN Birthday bash tonight!

Durban’s FRAG LAN celebrate their 5th birthday at the Edgewoods sport science hall at EdgewoodCollege. The event kicks off at 16:00 and will take place throughout the weekend.

For more information about the event, entrée fees and other stuff visit frag.co.za.

If you have any tournaments or eSports events you would like me to know about and cover, please feel free to comment here or drop me an email at yolanda@lazygamer.net

Last Updated: September 28, 2012

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