Eurogamer Round 17: Xbox 360 vs PS3

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Eurogamer are back at it again with their 17th console head to head and the question this time is whether or not the PS3 will be able to finally win one of these comparisons.

So on to the comparisons, we start this head to head with Shaun White Snowboarding which according to Eurogamer has an identical gameplay experience on both platforms which is really the most important thing. However they also go on to say that the quincunx anti-aliasing on the PS3 along with the resultant upscaling leaves the display looking

“pretty atrocious as a consequence”

So I guess that gives it to the Xbox 360 then.

Next up is Lord of the Rings: Conquest and to cut the story short the Xbox 360 wins again due to lowered resolution on the PS3 and terrible screen tear and a drop in detail on that console.

When they get to Prince of Persia the comparison becomes a lot closer and really by the look of it you are not going to care which version you get. However that doesn’t answer the question and if we really need to have a winner then the Xbox 360 takes it again thanks to the bad PS3 upscaling and a constant flickering band on the PS3.

The next title on the list is Mortal Kombat and to quote directly from Eurogamer

“but in a release that’s as graphically handicapped as this one, any edge is worthwhile, so the Xbox 360 version gets the nod”

Saints Row 2 is up next and the author was obviously unimpressed with both versions of this game as he rips into them quite violently in his assessment. However again we need an answer and once again the Xbox 360 gets the nod.

On to Lego Batman then which really should be a cynch for both platforms and generally was, there were some odd issues with both versions but generally these are minor and all in all this ones a tie.

Next up is The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon and some good news on this one, the PS3 version easily trounces the Xbox 360 version. Unfortunately both versions are destroyed thanks to an abysmal AI but we are here to look at technical ability and nothing is going to take this one away from the PS3.

Tomb Raider: Underworld is next up and once again it’s a clear winner for the PS3 with an astounding 50% increase in resolution compared to the Xbox 360.

To finish up we have some smaller releases

Golden Axe: Beast Rider – Xbox 360

SCORE International Baja 1000 – Tie

Legendary – Tie (Even though this shocking games has a 4.3 GB install on the PS3)

Okay so that’s it, to sum it up we have 3 Ties, 2 wins for the PS3 and 6 for the Xbox 360. So unfortunately for the PS3 fans you are still falling behind the Xbox 360 in cross platform gaming but the gap is generally closing and it is a great sign seeing the PS3 take two titles this time around.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: January 23, 2009

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