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EVE Online to roll out more upates, Valkyrie trailer debuts

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Much like reading an issue of Hustler for the excellent articles, no one believes you when you say that you play EVE Online for the space battles. It’s all about an economy man, as the game enters a new decade of existence. And with a new era of Eve Online comes a few changes. Here’s what’s happening in a galaxy not so far, far away.

EVE Online players normally got two expansions per year, but over at EVE Fanfest, developer CCP announced that that idea is being scrapped. Instead, players can expect 10 smaller releases every year, with Kronos being the first such update.

Kronos will change the economy of EVE Online “in a big way” according to Eurogamer, which sports 10 000 rewritten lines of code. Here’s the release date for the rest of those expansions:

    • Kronos – 3rd June
    • Crius – 19th August
    • Hyperion – 23rd September
    • Oceanus – 4th November
    • Phoebe – 9th December
    • Rhea – 20th January 2015
    • Tethys – 7th February
    • Theia – 17th March
    • Themis – 4th April

Pirate factions will also be retooled in Kronos, while a new faction by the name of Mordru’s Legion will make their presence felt. So what’s the point of a more frequent update schedule for EVE Online? According to CCP, this method will keep players more engaged with the game.

And while we’re talking EVE Fanfest, check out this trailer for The Prophecy. It’s rather neat. And about to be sued by the people who made that Fifth Element movie I reckon.

Last Updated: May 5, 2014

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