Even more destiny Collector’s editions cancelled

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Unlike the fluff and guff-laden special editions of most games, Destiny’s collector’s editions are genuinely limited. Walmart recently cancelled a bunch of their pre-orders for the Ghost edition of the game, and it looks like other retailers are following suit.

While Walmart cancelled only the Ghost edition, Best Buy in the US has started sending out emails to people informing them that their own pre-orders for both the Ghost and Limited editions of the game are being cancelled. The Destiny Sub-reddit is awash with stories of people getting their orders axed.


If you thought that the price for those Ghost Editions on eBay was becoming a tad ridiculous, expect them to soar even higher now that the limited editions are even more limited.

Destiny has three special editions. The cheapest and easiest to acquire is the Digital Guardian Edition, which can only be got from Xbox Live or the PSN. It comes with an expansion pass and a few digital baubles.

The Limited Edition contains a steelbook case, a swathe of digital content and a folder with pretty printed pictures. The rather expensive Ghost edition includes all of the above, some golden age relics and a physical replica of the game’s in-game robot, Ghost – which will spew out assorted quotes voiced by Peter Dinklage.

If you’re wondering what it is that has people so excited for the Ghost edition that they’d pay up to R11 000 for the thing, here’s a little video showing what it offers.

for those of you wondering if these shortages will affect those of you who’ve pre-ordered the special editions here in South Africa, we’ve spoken to the distributor and they assure us that everything is still on track.

Last Updated: August 6, 2014

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