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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Sims 3 Stuff Packs

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As explained in my expansion pack article, a Sims ‘Stuff Pack’ merely contains a collection of items to add to your game. No real gameplay is added, unless it specifically revolves around interaction with said items. There is generally a mix of Build and Buy items to spruce up your home or town, as well as a number of outfits and hairstyles.

Read on for a bit more detail about each of the stuff packs available for Sims 3.

High-End Loft Stuff


This first stuff pack includes exactly what the name suggests: everything your Sims need to furnish their fancy loft. There’s a full set of matching furniture for the bedroom, bathroom, lounge and study, and even outdoors. All this furniture has a lovely modern look to it, including the lounge set, the new TVs and stereo, the video game consoles, and even the new treadmill and corner bathtub. If you want to redecorate your Sims’ house with some stylish modern furniture, this is the stuff pack for you. There is also a variety of clothing befitting of wealthy, stylish Sims.

There are also a few ‘classic’ items for the 10th anniversary of the Sims, including the Vibromatic LN3000 and more, which may bring back fond memories for long-time Simmers.

Fast Lane Stuff


If your Sims enjoy their vehicles, they need this stuff pack! Fast Lane stuff was actually the pack that introduced the Vehicle Enthusiast trait, though it was made available in later patches and/or expansion packs. This trait allows your Sim to build a relationship with a vehicle, so naturally he will enjoy spending time with said vehicle.

This stuff pack contains a number of new vehicles in several styles, from pricey sports cars to motorcycles to fifties style hot rods to classic automobiles. In addition to the vehicles are new items to kit out your garage, including a bar and lounge set, several tool benches and other decorative tool-related items, and even a trophy case.

Finally, Fast Lane stuff includes a number of outfits to match the themes introduced with the vehicles. These range from exquisite gowns for ladies and expensive-looking suits for men, to brightly coloured racing outfits to a grease monkey getup, as well as several fifties style outfits and hairstyles. All in all, it’s a great stuff pack if you felt there weren’t enough vehicle options in the base game. I also enjoyed the 1950s feel of a lot of the items and outfits.

Outdoor Living Stuff


As the name suggests, this stuff pack revolves around outdoor items. If your Sims love braaing and hanging out in the hot tub, Outdoor Living will cater for their needs. There are several (six, in fact!) new hot tubs that look awesome and are a bit more interactive than the ones from the base game. Other new items include an outdoor fridge and barbeque set, as well as a fireplace and TV set, and a nice patio dining set and other matching items like a new painting easel. There are also a few casual outfits and hairstyles to match. A good choice if your Sims spend a lot of their time in the back yard.

Town Life Stuff


The main content of this stuff pack revolves around new community lots for your town. That being said, these new lots contain new items that can be used in your Sims’ home. As such, there are new laundry items, a new playground and tree house and other outdoor items for children, and a number of rather unusual but cool looking outfits, including a couple of outfits for children.

In terms of new community lots, there is a Laundromat, a gym, a school, a grocery store, a library and a park that can be used to spruce up your town. The library is a multi-story modern affair that your bookworm Sims will really enjoy spending long hours in – there’s even a corner where toddlers can keep themselves entertained. The gym includes some cool new gym equipment that you can also use in your home. All in all, it’s a nifty stuff pack, especially if you want to spruce up your town with new lots, or just add some alternative items to your home.

Master Suite Stuff

I’ve done a detailed review of this stuff pack, but for the sake of completeness, I’ll mention this latest stuff pack here. In comparison to the other stuff packs, it feels a little light on objects, including only a matching bedroom and bathroom set. It does, however, make up for this by including a large number of clothing items and a handful of hairstyles. That being said, all the clothing items are underwear, mostly for female Sims. If that doesn’t appeal to you, this may not be your favourite stuff pack.

STILL need more stuff?

If you have all the expansion packs and stuff packs and it STILL isn’t enough, visit the Sims 3 Store for even more objects, hairstyles, outfits, and even entire worlds to download and add to your game. While there are a handful of free items available, most of the items on the Store are bought with real money. You can buy SimPoints directly from the store, or through the Origin Store, as your two accounts are directly linked anyway.

The store contains a number of variations on the objects already found in the game, for instance, if you want to revamp your nursery, there are several adorable animal-themed cribs and room sets to purchase. If your kitchen feels a bit boring, try the Steampunk-style kitchen set. If fashion and hair is more your thing, there are many outfits and hairstyles available either individually or in sets, which are generally a few SimPoints cheaper.

Besides these variations on standard objects, there is also premium content which introduces new objects with new interaction possibilities, like the Super Sleeper, which your Sim can use to get a full night’s rest in half the time, or the baby rocker which keeps babies and toddlers happy and entertained (a must have!), or even a crystal ball that lets your Sims read their fortune (for good or ill!).

Finally, there are several full worlds available from the store, in case you’re bored with the towns you already have. Hidden Springs was released a while ago, and is now also available at retail stores as a ‘code in a box’. The latest town to be added to the store is Lunar Lakes, an alien world with lots of space-age buildings and weird trees populating it. It also includes a special item, a crystal tree that gives Sims free skill points when they eat its fruit. If you loved Strangetown in The Sims 2, you need Lunar Lakes!

Also worth noting is the ‘Daily Deal’, where a different item or set is put on sale every day. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on, as you never know what will go on sale next! It’s also worth registering your expansion packs on the site, as you usually get a few free goodies just for registering.

Last Updated: February 29, 2012

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