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Evolve is a ferocious game of hide and seek in this TV spot

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Wraith evolve

I always used to have to mix things up with Hide and Seek as a kid. While I loved the hiding, I always thought the game was missing something. Evolve certainly shows what’s missing and how to make it something much more thrilling in a new TV spot.

Here is the Ready or Not video.

For those of you who want the excitement but don’t get YouTube, here’s a link just for you.

More than any other video of gameplay, features and modes, I think that this captures the feeling of the game. The monster is absolutely formidable, but at the start of the game it is still weak and needs to hide from the hunters. Only once it’s fully evolved can it confidently take out the hunters. In many ways, the start of the game is like a high-pressure game of hide-and-seek as the monster needs to feed, run, hide and evolve. Of course, when playing with friends, it’s even more fun as you work together, discuss possible strategies and try to outwit your opponent. There will still be the inevitable confrontation when the monster must prove his prowess or be defeated. It’s exciting and climactic, like every boss battle that you’ve ever enjoyed in a game, only more adaptive than any AI could ever be – playing against a human boss is a truly different experience and is what makes the game for me.

Evolve releases early next week. Reviews will also only drop then, so let’s hope that all the beta testing and open availability of the game have ensured that it’s as polished and bug-free as promised. I will definitely be playing tons of this game… I’m just curious if that’s still the case by the time E3 rolls around again.

Last Updated: February 6, 2015

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