Evolve’s Big Alpha is large and in charge on PlayStation 4

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If there was one game to test out this weekend, it was most likely Evolve. If there was one game to attempt to test out in an alpha state on PS4, only to be greeted by a sign telling you that servers were down or fatter than our top army brass which led to you curling up into the foetal position and gently sobbing, it was also Evolve. The Sony version of that alpha has had some problems. Problems which have been ironed out. Hopefully.

Evolve developer Turtle Rock have extended the beta for their co-op monster hunter game until November 4, 12:00 PM PST in case you missed out on getting your hands dirty in the four on one shooter:

Like me, you were most likely greeted by a message at the main menu that the 2K servers were completely full and had run out of capacity, or some other similar message. You can thank the new PS4 firmware patch for that, as it created some issues with the game and resulted in the delay. Meanwhile, Xbox One owners laughed at us and we’ll show the green buggers who has a full server capacity. In their face. Yes, I’m aware that this makes no sense but your face is at full capacity and I’m going to stop now.

According to Gematsu, servers are live and ready to roll. I’ll try the game out later, which will most likely be at the exact time that Eskom decides to do some load-shedding in my area.

Last Updated: November 3, 2014

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