The EvoPoints Downloads of the Week – 18 May 2018

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Welcome back to our weekly post of featured downloadable content available for different gaming platforms sponsored by Here’s this week’s list of fresh downloadable games, content and specials.

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PC Gaming — [Steam Vouchers Available]

  • MachiaVillain, 20% off!
  • Forgotton Anne, 10% off!
  • Wizard of Legend
  • Animal Super Squad

Steam Weekend/Daily Sales and Promos:

  • Weekend Deal – Middle-earth : Shadow of War , 50% Off
  • Weekend Deal – Neptunia Franchise, up to 80% off!
  • Interplay – 35th Anniversary Weekend Sale

PlayStation — [ PSN Vouchers & Subs Available ]


  • Animal Super Squad
  • Asemblance: Oversight
  • Azure Reflections
  • Dragon’s Crown Pro
  • Flynn & Freckles
  • Forgotten Anne
  • Fox n Forests
  • Gonner
  • Hitman: Definitive Edition
  • Horizon Chase Turbo
  • Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time
  • Magic Knight Grand Charion
  • Monster Slayers
  • Omensight
  • Walden, A Game
  • Welcome to Hanwell
  • Wizard of Legend

PS Store Weekend Deals

  • Horizon Zero Dawn, GTA V, South Park: The Fractured But Whole and More

PS Vita

  • NA

To see all of the latest PlayStation content posts this week, click here for EU and US or check out the Online Sony Store.

Xbox — [ Xbox Live Vouchers & Subs Available ]

Xbox One

  • State Of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition
  • Earth Atlantis
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition (Game Preview)
  • Shape Of The World
  • Lily’s Epic Quest For Lost Gems
  • Descenders (Game Preview)
  • Wizard Of Legend
  • Forgotton Anne

Xbox Live Deals With Gold – Check it out here

  • Xbox One – ME:Andromeda, Batman Arkham Knight, Shadow of Mordor and Much More.
  • Xbox 360 – Borderlands, Bioshock Infinite, Devil May Cry HD Collection and More
  • Xbox Live Free Play Days For All This Weekend

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Last Updated: May 18, 2018

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