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bioshock Sure, by the time BioShock releases on the PlayStation 3 this week, Xbox 360 and PC gamers will have been able to play it for 14 months. But don’t worry, Sony fans. 2K Games is giving you something for your patience. They’ve announced that a DLC pack with new gameplay exclusive to the PS3 version will be released on November 20.

1up reports that the DLC pack will add new “Challenge Rooms” for players to tackle, which will be self-contained areas that require you to use everything you’ve learned in the main game to clear a series of puzzles. No pricing details were given, so it’s unclear how much people will have to pay to add the extra content to their games. Hopefully it won’t cost too much… considering this DLC is coming only a month after the game’s release, it probably won’t go down well with consumers if they have to pay a premium price for features that could, in theory, have been included in the game to begin with.

It’s also one of those cases where you have to ask how much real value this DLC will hold. Turning Bioshock into a level by level “puzzle game” may not be doing it justice. In my opinion if they really wanted to give Playstation 3 owners a good deal they would have changed the endings or at least expanded on them.

Last Updated: October 20, 2008

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