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F1 2010 Looks Ridonkulously Good

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Codemasters F1 2010’s visuals are going to blow you away.

I always loved Formula 1 games, quite possibly too much so. As a youngster, my buddies would spend their afternoons after school watching K-TV or playing action games while I locked myself away with my PC and wheel in Geoff Crammond’s GP2, doing testing and setups for my car for 5 straight hours a day.

Since EA’s F1 2002, I fell off the boat, never to return. All that is about to change I think, as this latest developer diary from Codemasters is not only showing off what looks to be a really accurate and fun F1 racer, but a game that is absolutely stunning to look at.

Hit the jump for the video to see what I mean.

Last Updated: May 14, 2010

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