F1 2013 screenshot and video explosion

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Late yesterday afternoon we posted up the first F1 2013 trailer that was released and now when I wake up this morning there was a virtual explosion of new screenshots and videos.

Unfortunately they don’t include whining Brits, exploding tyres, unlucky Australians or psycho Frenchman so I’m not sure they have really captured the true authenticity of Formula 1.Then again, I’m not sure how chuffed Pirelli would be about the new added DLC of exploding tyres.

First up we have these two new videos.

First up a hot lap at Silverstone… no not another tyre joke

And then another lap at the famous Nurburgring

And lastly a smorgasbord of screenshots

F1_2013_013_WIP F1_2013_012_WIPF1_2013_011_WIP F1_2013_007_WIPF1_2013_005_WIP F1_2013_004_WIPF1_2013_003_WIP F1_2013_002_WIPF1_2013_001_WIP F1_2013_1988_Williams_006_WIPF1_2013_1988_Williams_005_WIP F1_2013_1988_Williams_004_WIPF1_2013_1988_Williams_003_WIP

Last Updated: July 16, 2013

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