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Fable 2 Limited Edition gets a trim and lower price. We get free stuff in it's place

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It seems that according to chain supply issues, the Fable 2 Limited Edition has had to undergo a few changes.

Lionhead announced yesterday night that the premium box, five printed fate cards and Hobbe figure will no longer be a part of the limited edition. The limited edition will now be cut down from $79.99 to $69.99, so even though there will be a few missing pieces, the price will reflect it as well.

Interestingly enough, to make up for it, Lionhead are releasing quite a few free goodies to keep all of their fans happy. Find out more after the jump.

They have since updated their post to announce that they will make the fate cards available as downloadable print ready PDF’s saying:

“By a suggestion made in the comments of this entry, we’re going to release the Fate Cards as a downloadable PDF for you to print, plus we can also confirm the new LCE version will have the original LCE artwork).”

To soften the blow even more, Lionhead announced that for a limited time, they will have a Fable album available on their site that will contain a selection of music from the original Fable as well as 3 new tracks from the upcoming Fable II.

The current Limited Edition will now officially contain the following content at a reduced price:

* Fable II game disc

* Bonus DVD with new ‘Making-of’ Feature

* Bonus in-game content (requires Xbox LIVE®)

o ‘The Hall of the Dead’ Dungeon

o ‘The Wreckager’ Legendary Cutlass Weapon

o Spartan armor and energy sword

If you want to get a hold of the free album, follow these instruction given by Lionhead:

Go to http://www.sumthingdigital.com, and enter “FableCollection” promotion code. This will be available beginning October 6, 2008 @ 9am PST.

Good on you Lionhead! Way to keep the fans happy, I am impressed.

source: Lionhead

Last Updated: October 2, 2008

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