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Fable 2 Patch Coming – Same Horrible Co-op

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Most of you will know that one of Fable II’s most interesting features was the ability to play co-op with a friend.

You will also then know that the co-op landed up being a massive disappointment. The fact that you couldn’t bring your own character into a friends game together with the the terrible camera that should have only been used for same-couch co-op meant that a lot of people avoided it altogether.

A list of fixes have been named from Lionhead although it looks as if no effort has been made to change the co-op even though they have been bombarded with pleas from the fans to have it changed.

The list of changes and more after the jump.

Who knows, maybe Lionhead are actually looking into. They have not said anything about it yet and Molyneux seems all too proud of his latest creation. I have not yet properly gotten stuck in to my copy of Fable II yet so I am waiting and hoping that something gets done about it so that when I am ready to give it my full attention, I might be able to do it with a friend.

The list of changes, as promised:

– The Ritual/Monk’s Quest – Fixed the issue with the Abbott becoming unresponsive if you leave Oakfield before he finishes talking. This will fix the problem if you’ve already hit it, too.

– Rescuing Charlie/Rescue My Baby – after rescuing Charlie, you can now able to interact with objects

– Guild Cave chest – resolves any issues with previously inability to retrieve items unlocked from Limited Collector’s Edition, website or Chicken Kickin’ game. If you’ve already hit this bug you should now get your items.

– The Spire (Pt2) – no more issues with ship captain being unresponsive

– The Hero of Skill (Pirate King) – you’ll no longer get stuck during Hero of Skill quest (Bloodstone)

– T.O.B.Y./Trouble In Bloodstone – you’ll no longer get stuck during T.O.B.Y. quests (Bloodstone)

– Your child – will no longer be chosen as an assassination target

– Furniture Shop in Albion (Bowerstone) will now always have something for sale

Additional unspecified fixes

Source: Strategy Informer

Last Updated: December 4, 2008

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