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Fall Guys Season 3 patch notes reveal a load of what we can expect tomorrow

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While half the world is seemingly losing its minds over Cyberpunk 2077, It’s always nice to know that the sleeper hit of 2020, Fall Guys, is chugging along with its seasons. While certainly not the phenomenon it was at launch, the game is still pulling in decent numbers of players who I’m sure are no doubt excited to see all the new features coming for the third season, Winter Knockout.

It seems to be developer Mediatonic’s biggest update yet considering the amount of new stuff they’re throwing into it. As can be expected from Fall Guys, the season’s patch notes were posted directly to Twitter (better to use your strongest assets, right?) so finding them all is pretty straightforward. Still, in case you’re wisely not on Twitter, let us help you out:


Firstly, there’s a load of new levels. Each one incorporates the Winter theme in someway and every one should hopefully be a lot of fun (as long as we’re not made to run around and grab tails). The additions include:

  • Tundra Run: Dodge snowballs, punchers and flippers in a mad dash to the finish line!
  • Freezy Peak: Use blizzard fans and flippers to ascend the peak in the most epic race Round yet!
  • Ski Fall: Traverse a giant ice slide and dive through bronze, silver and gold rings to score points and qualify!
  • Pegwin Pursuit: Chase down and keep hold of the Pegwin to score points for your team!
  • Snowy Scrap: Roll your team’s Snowball over snow patches to make it larger! Last team to hit 100% are eliminated!
  • Thin Ice: A spiritual successor to Hex-a-gone where players must traverse layers of breakable ice to avoid falling into the slime. Last bean remaining wins!
  • Roll Off: A Final round variant of Roll Out with added rising slime to make things interesting. Get grabbing!

What about features? Anything new happening there? Of course there is! Don’t you feel like a silly billy for asking such questions? Here are the new features coming to the game:

  • Crown Ranks! Now the crowns you’ve won will help you climb through the ranks and unlock exclusive rewards.
  • Stay up-to-date on Fall Guys news and announcements with the new in-game Bulletin feature.
  • You can now link your Amazon Prime account to Fall Guys for exclusive in-game rewards.
  • The Show Selector will have a clear indicator for when new shows are available.
  • Improved in-game messaging for various errors and connectivity dialogs.
  • Improved performance and visuals of transparency effect when Fall Guys are occluded by geometry.
  • [Steam Only] Early Access release of Private Streamer Lobbies is now available! This is invitation-only for now, and requires 40-60 players to start a custom match.
  • [PS4] The camera sensitivity slider has more degrees of freedom

There are also bugfixes galore but you don’t need us to tell you about those. If you’re really all that interested in those nitty-gritty details, you can check out the Fall Guy’s Twitter page. They’ll be able to help you over there. Don’t be scared, they seem pleasant enough. You’ll be fine!

Last Updated: December 15, 2020

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