Fallout 3 – Why There Will be no More DLC

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Fallout 3 is a long game; I’ve somehow managed to put in just short of 90 hours in to the game – and still feel that there’s more left to do. Thankfully fans have been blessed with a deluge of add-on content for the game, turning the already arduous endeavour into something quite protracted. The last add-on, Mothership Zeta failed to live up to expectations. If you were hoping Bethesda would make it up to you by fashioning some extra content, I’m afraid  you’re out of luck.

In a brief interview with Kotaku,  Fallout 3′ producer Todd Howard revealed :

“I think we’ve put enough content out there for this game.  We knew we wanted to do three initially and we’ll see where that goes.”

“I kind of had in my mind that the upper limit was five. Part of that was what I think people are willing to continue to pay for a game. And a lot of that is our own internal bandwidth.”

And five it was. Bethesda are now done supporting Fallout 3, and are moving on to new things. Like supporting Fallout New Vegas.

People who’ve been wandering the wastelands on their PS3’s haven’t had the opportunity to play any of the DLC. Starting from next month, the very same DLC that graced the 360 and PC will be available to owners of Sony’s 7th generation console. I heartily recommend Broken Steel (for it’s raised level cap) and Point Lookout, for its microcosmic view of the wasteland.

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Last Updated: August 18, 2009

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