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Fallout 4 being shown behind closed doors at E3?

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Rumours about the next numbered chapter in the post-apocalyptic, vault-punctuated Fallout series have been all over the internet since 2008, which makes the quarterly ones that crop up seem a little like the boy who cried wolf. With E3 right around the corner and the fact that Bethesda has – for the very first time – organised its own conference at the annual gaming industry extravaganza, those rumours are back.

Brought to you by renowned German site PCGames.de, this latest rumour says that while Bethesda won’t have Fallout 4 on the show floor at E3 this year, they will be showing a 20-30 minute demo of the game to journalists behind closed doors. They’re citing anonymous sources, making verifying this rather tricky.

If this is true (and I certainly hope it is), I’ll be harbouring some extreme jealousy for those who’ll be attending E3 this year. Fallout is one of my favourite franchises; starting all the way from Interplay’s iconic isometric RPGS to the newer, first-person shooter RPGS.

2012 rumours have suggested that this next one will take place on Boston.

“I’ve been hearing reports from people in the Boston area, where my fellow Fallout-obsessed brother lives, that Bethesda has been in the Boston area doing initial research for Fallout 4.”A random Redditor said back then “It’s highly speculative, but the main rumors surround Bethesda’s connection to “The Institute”, or what we call the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or M.I.T.”

That would be an interesting setting. In the established fallout lore, New England – or The Commonwealth – houses the “Institute,” which has perfected AI and is capable of building synths. Perhaps, in a sort of Blade-Runnery way, you’ll even be playing the game as an Adnroid, unware that you’re an AI. Hmm.

Last Updated: May 8, 2015

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