Fallout 4 – Bobble-head location guide

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One day, I want to be reincarnated as a bobble-head. I mean, just look how happy they are! It’s impossible to feel sad when you’ve got a spring for a neck and a head so massive that it generates a gravity field which pulls small celestial objects into an orbit.

Once again, bobble-heads are back in Fallout. They’re well worth collecting if you spot them, as they’ll give your vault dweller a boost to a specific aspect. There’re 20 to collect in Fallout 4, so where are they? Why, right here in this guide.

If you need a more visual guide for the locations of the bobble-heads, I’ve embedded a video below. If you’re on a bandwidth clock, the text guide follows below.

Agility bobble-head

  • Location: Wrecked FMS Northern Star – At the edge of the ship’s bow on a wooden platform that is past the huts.

Barter bobble-head

  • Location: Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery – North-east of the cannery, look inside the metal hut.

Big Guns bobble-head

  • Location: Vault 95 – On top of a radio in the northern most living quarters room.

Charisma bobble-head

  • Location: Parsons State Insane Asylum – On Jack Cabot’s desk in his Administration zone office.

Endurance bobble-head

  • Location: Poseidon Energy – In the center metal hut, on the steel desk.

Energy Weapons bobble-head

  • Location: Fort Hagen – Look between a pair of fridges in the command center kitchen.

Explosives bobble-head

  • Location: Saugus Ironworks – In the blast furnace zone, on the catwalk.

Intelligence bobble-head

  • Location: Boston Public Library – In the mechanical room that is located in the north-west section of the library.

Lock Picking bobble-head

  • Location: Pickman Gallery – Between the two pillars where you meet with Pickman.

Luck bobble-head

  • Location:Spectacle Island – In a locker on the green boat to the south of the island.

Medicine bobble-head

  • Location: Vault 81 – Can be found in Curie’s office.

Melee bobble-head

  • Location: Trinity Tower – At the top of Trinity Tower and inside a cage that contains Strong and Rex.

Perception bobble-head

  • Location: Museum of Freedom – On the metal desk in the chamber above the doors.

Repair bobble-head

  • Location: Corvega Assembly Plant – On the south-west roof at the end of a gantry.

Science bobble-head

  • Location: Malden Middle School (Vault 75) – In basement level 3, overlooking the dining area.

Small Guns bobble-head

  • Location: Gunners Plaza – On the desk of the on-air room to the west.

Sneak bobble-head

  • Location: Dunwich Borers – On a table by the lantern.

Speech bobble-head

  • Location: Park Street Station (Vault 114) – Inside the Overseer office.

Strength bobble-head

  • Location: Mass Fusion Building – On the lobby desk, beneath a sculpture.

Unarmed bobble-head

  • Location: Atom Cats Garage – Inside a rusty car.

Last Updated: November 11, 2015

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