Fallout 4 launching in 2015, according to listing

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Fallut 4 in 2015?

I’m still riding the high the Fallout 4 reveal trailer put me on yesterday afternoon. It’s not only a game I’ve been dreaming of playing for years, but it’s one that Bethesda has been actively working on for close to three years now. So it wouldn’t be that surprising if it does, in fact, find its way onto shelves this year.

So much so that even Bethesda’s own store page has listed the game with a “TBA 2015” release date – which was hastily edited shortly afterwards. The listing now reads just TBA – which means one of two things. Either the date wasn’t meant to be up there, or it was simply a placeholder until a proper, more official date was revealed.

The latter is extremely likely, but I wouldn’t be the only one thinking Bethesda could pull off a launch this year. Fallout 4 has been under development since Skyrim and its extended DLC shipped. That translates to a rather lengthy development period already – which is flaunted in the extensive debut trailer the game received yesterday. Bethesda even announced that gameplay would be on show during their conference at E3.

I’m quite confident that Fallout 4 is actually quite close to completion, and Bethesda have simply allowed the mystery behind the game’s existence to fuel the hype by itself. It certainly would be the most unconventional way for a modern AAA game to launch in recent memory, but one that would certainly benefit the game.

Because let’s all be honest: we would very much like to be exploring the wastelands of Boston by the time the festive season rolls in.

Last Updated: June 4, 2015

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