Fallout 4: What makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L?

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One of the trickiest things when starting out a new Fallout game is choosing where exactly to allocate the starting points you’re given. It’s something that I could sit going through for aeons; should I put a few more points in to strength, so that I may carry more and bash in some skulls? Should I try emulate our lovely readers, and put my points in to intelligence and charisma?

It’s an important decision, because the stats you have govern the perks you’re able to unlock.
In fallout 4, because of how perks are a little different, you start with just 21 instead of the usual 28 – and you get to plug them in to those S.P.EC.I.A.L attributes

Well, instead of waiting until the game’s out, why not play around with character creation right now. Over on Vault111, there’s a handy little character creator that’s great for showing which perks you’ll get with which attributes. Many of them are a little on speculative side, but that hardly matters. You can save your builds to go through later if you choose.


Strength determines how much stuff you can carry. The stronger you are, the more you can lug around. It also determines how much melee damage you do, and whether or not you get to use the really big, really awesome weapons.


Perception is vitally important. It’s one of the key stats behind how well your aiming will be when using VATS. The higher your perception, the better your aim. IT also controls how you see the world around you – and if you’ll unlock any of the perks that allow you to see hidden or obfuscated things.


Endurance is not only a measure of how far and fast you’re able to run – but how well equipped your bod is to survive the wastelands. Endurance will help you stave off infection, radiation and damaged limbs, and let you eat less savoury, more questionable items to keep your belly full.


Charisma will be one of the skills I’ll certainly put many points in to. It’s useful for talking your way out of sticky situations, getting the best prices and the highest quality merchandise from vendors. It also helps you lie, which is something not to be overlooked when dealing with wayward wasteland wanderers.


Intelligence helps you use and hack computers, repair items and brew potions to help you heal. Intelligence also unlocks a wealth of dialogue options to help you outsmart others. If you’re planning on using any of the wasteland’s technologies, you’ll need a modicum of intelligence.


Agility is a measure of your reflexes, finesse and grace – and so governs how many points you have to spend in VATS. The more VATS points you have, the more stuff you can do before your enemy gets a chance to retaliate. It also helps you sneak silently. It also helps you sneak about, like a thief in the night.


I always throw in a few points to Luck; it increases the chance of performing a critical hits on enemy. It also helps you find better loot off of dead bodies, in containers and other things that are left to chance.

Why is this all so important? Well, you’ll definitely want this perk, right?

Tell us! What sort of character build are you looking at for Fallout 4? I tend to go for “smart and squishy” and then bulk up as the game progresses, but I’m contemplating going all out for Charisma and playing the game as a virtual con-man.

Last Updated: October 28, 2015

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