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Let them eat Fancy Lads Snack Cakes! Fallout 76 class war intensifies as The Apocalyptic Aristocracy takes shape

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What initially started as a case of griefing has evolved into a full-blown cultural divide within the multiplayer online game.


Honestly, this might be my favourite news story of the year because of how absurd yet utterly relatable it is. A few weeks back we reported on the fact that Fallout 1st subscribers, members of Bethesda’s highly controversial subscription service to Fallout 76 that granted players access to private servers and some quality of life enhancements, were being targeted for explicit griefing by those players who are more attached to their hard-earned cash. Designated by a special icon next to their username, Fallout 1st subscribers were complaining that they were being bullied for buying into the program, essentially turning Fallout 76 into a social experiment, the results of which indicated a strong move to YEET the rich.


It seems that Fallout 1st subscribers have finally had enough as they’ve now officially banded together to form The Apocalyptic Aristocracy, a group dedicated to providing a space for subscribers to eat cake and complain about the filthy peasants who have to play on public servers. In an interview with Polygon, group creator VectorZarek stated that the reason for creating the group was largely meant as a joke at first although the lines between satire and reality are ever so difficult to separate these days.

“There was a real change in the dynamic as people flooded in. The anti-subscription players had become very toxic, so much so that players could not even discuss the private servers or the bonuses that came with them without being insulted or yelled at. What started as a joke quickly turned into a safe haven, where players who had subscribed could openly discuss Fallout 1st topics without being attacked”, said VectorZarek.


The clan, which can be found as an invite-only Facebook group and a private subreddit, have joined up for photoshoots to display their snazzy duds and lament on the fact that it’s so hard to find good help these days. Probably.

“Nothing seems to bring people together like shared suffering, and the past week has seen a lot of venom spewed toward Fallout 1st members,” said VectorZarak. “I want to give players a place to go where they can peacefully discuss and plan with others who use the private servers.”

Sure, those villainous caricatures of the aristocracy might feel safe in their cosy private servers now, but when they crash? They’ll be forced back into the real world, where people have to eat bloatfly meat to survive. We’ll see who comes out on top then.

Last Updated: November 12, 2019

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