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Fanboy war – Green vs Blue

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It’s been a while since we looked at the numbers behind the Xbox 360 vs PS3 fanboy war and now thankfully we can once again take a look without too much effort on our behalf as liam_warr has put together this awesome infographic that he loaded up onto visual.ly

Now keep in mind that while he’s used a lot of reputable figures he’s also added his own opinion into the infographic.

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A few really interesting bits I took from this is that Halo completely thrashed Killzone, but we knew that, and that Xbox Live Marketplace appears to be a much better option for game developers to utilise.

Also that if Americans weren’t so patriotic then the Xbox may well have ended up in last place in this generation but that’s a mammoth market and one that they have cornered quite spectacularly.

So that’s it, do you agree with his findings and which side are you on?

Last Updated: July 2, 2012

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