Far Cry 2 Developer Video – Immersion

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Many developers will go out of their way to try and pull gamers into their worlds. From artwork, graphics, sound and animation there are tons of different ways to make the player feel like he is actually running around in the virtual world that is laid out in front of him.

This video of Far Cry 2 explains a few of the ways that the developers have tried to do all they can to keep you feeling completely immersed in the experience. I have played a few games over time that specifically kept you in the players head, even when cutscenes or animations are taking place and it really makes a difference.

The latest of which is Condemned 2, by keeping the player inside the head of the character almost 100% of the time you really feel a certain physicality in the world, which helps that much more when something scary happens because it makes you really want to run for your sorry life.

No need to mention how good this game is looking, it is quite apparent.

Last Updated: September 3, 2008

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