Far Cry 3 Announced

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A snippet of news, this time not coming out of Gamescom is that Far Cry 3, the successor to Far Cry 2 is in development. The project is in its infancy but word has it that the game is likely to remain in pseudo-Africa.

In an interview with a Offical Playstation Magazine, one of the Ubisoft scriptwriters said that the game is looking “pretty exciting.”

It’s likely that the game will run off a modernised/modified version of the Dunia Engine which was specifically designed to handle the vast real-world physics within the sandbox envoronment.

This is pretty exciting news, if Ubistoft Montreal can learn and build off the shortcomings of Far Cry 2 then Far Cry 3 could land up being what Far Cry 2 was meant to be.

No official word but I’m sure it is safe to assume that Far Cry 3 will come to the PC, PS3 and 360.

Last Updated: August 20, 2010

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