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Far Cry 5’s launch trailer introduces the Seed family

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Far Cry 5 is the best the series has produced – but that’s obviously just my opinion. I love how streamlined it is, removing much of the busywork in grinding and making it entirely optional. It lets me get to the meat of the experience without feeling like I have to spend hours skinning crocodiles just to progress. The guns feel sublime to use, and the series arguably has its strongest antagonists in the Seed family.

It’s out today, so here’s a launch trailer for those of you sitting with copies of the game waiting for the work day to come to an end. It’s also something to keep you company if you pre-ordered the game only to find that there may be a stock issue or two locally. It introduces players to Seed and his heralds, along with some of the members of the resistance who you’ll be helping free Hope County from Seed’s zealous tyranny.

Here’s what we said about the game:

“Choice is the driving theme in Far Cry 5, a game which opts to venture out of its comfort zone while fine-tuning every aspect of what makes the series so great. It’s incredibly relevant, Montana is a gorgeous slice of new terrain that is fraught with peril and the road ahead that Far Cry Arcade represents is exciting to say the least. Simply put, the fifth numbered chapter in Ubisoft’s series of madness, freedom and exploration is Far Cry perfected.”

It’s trite and clichéd, but the regularly misattributed quote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing” Is fitting. Don’t do nothing.


Last Updated: March 27, 2018

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