February’s PS+ content makes me sad

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Sony’s PlayStation Blog updated yesterday, letting everybody know what games would be coming to the service – and the list has made me really sad. It’s not because the game’s that you’ll be getting free are terrible; in fact it’s quite the opposite. They’re mostly fantastic games; the problem is I have them all already.

Joining the Plus service for the PS3 in February will be United Front’s rather excellent open-world kung-fu action title Sleeping Dogs; the fluffy first-person puzzle platformer Quantum Conundrum from Portal designer Kim Swift and mediocre but fun-in-small-doses Kart racer F1 Race Stars.

PlayStation Vita owners will get two of the very best titles for the beleaguered handheld; Wipeout 2048 from the now defunct Studio Liverpool, and Q Games’ mesmerising musical block-dropping puzzler Lumines Electronic Symphony.

That’s pretty astounding value at less than R500 a year for PlayStation Plus membership – but the problem here is that none of these games is even a year old, and while it might be great value for subscribers who don’t own these games, it also devalues recent purchases of these titles. If I’d, say, picked up Sleeping Dogs over the holidays, I’d be pretty pissed right now.

Still, you can pick up a year’s subscription to PlayStation Plus right now for just R365, or R1 a day, and if you don’t any any of these games, it’ll have paid for itself instantly.

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Here’s the schedule for the games’ release – all handily linked to our own reviews of those games.

6th February: Sleeping Dogs
6th February: Quantum Conundrum
6th February: F1 Race Stars
13th February: WipEout 2048
20th February: Lumines Electronic Symphony

Last Updated: January 29, 2013

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