FFD: And The Best Exclusive Franchise Of This Generation Goes To…

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A lot of debate has sparked up recently with regards to exclusive franchises, which are the best and which aren’t. Whether we like it or not, exclusives will always get themselves into the limelight, even if they are crap.

Now there are some really old franchises still going, some still exclusive, some not but let’s rather take a good look at all of the exclusive franchises that were spawned this generation only, say… from the release of the Xbox 360 until now.

InFamous vs Gears of War vs Resistance vs Uncharted vs Crackdown vs… err, does the PC even have any notable exclusive franchises that were only created in the past 5 years?

So, which exclusive franchises started in this generation are the best and the worst of the lot?

Last Updated: September 23, 2011

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