FFD: Are gamers entitled whinebags?

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I’m not sure there’s a more acerbic, vociferous bunch of people than gamers who have internet access. While it’s obviously not something that affects everybody who’s ever picked up a controller or used office equipment for pixel-perfect headshots, there’s a rather large proportion of gamers who it seems, feel that the $60 they spend on a game entitles them to developers’ first born children.

Gamers will get their knickers twisted over just about anything. We’ll whine about how the games included as a bonus to our subscriptions just aren’t triple A titles, or how the brand new summer sale offering huge discounts isn’t quite discounty enough, because 75% off isn’t even sale.

We’ll whine about how the add on DLC to a game that a team spent months working on isn’t worth an extra $5 because we paid for the game and how dare a company charge extra money for extra content. How dare they, the evil capitalist pigs. Gamers want everything now, and they want it for free!

Famously, gamers made Bioware create a whole extended ending to Mass Effect 3 because they weren’t happy with the game’s tricolore ending.

“Gamers are absurdly entitled, but I think they got there because we ask so much money from them every step of the way” said one developer working for “a large publisher.”  “No one’s demanding reshoots for the final Matrix, because it only cost you 10 bucks to see it. Sometimes I think we in the industry lose sight of what it’s like to pay $60 for a piece of entertainment.”

Another famous example of gamer entitlement rearing its ugly head is when Call of Duty players issued death threats to the game’s designers because they were making changes to how certain guns operate.

Of course, without whiny gamers, we’d still be stuck with an Xbox one that phoned home every 24 hours. Are gamers a particularly whiny, entitled bunch – or is it really just a vocal minority making us all look bad?

Last Updated: August 1, 2014

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