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FFD: Do pre-order incentives matter?

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In an age of Steam sales and PlayStation Plus it’s getting harder and harder for publishers to convince gamers to buy games brand new. One of they ways they try to do just that is through pre-order incentives. Buy the game new and you’ll get some plastic bauble, a map or an art book or, increasingly, some sort of digital extra for the game you’re purchasing. Do these matter to you?

The next big game to feature pre-order incentives is of course, Watch Dogs – which has an embarrassing number of different editions, each offering some or other different digital extra.


Do you care about these things? Do they make you more likely to buy a game day one?

It’s especially prevalent when it comes to retailer exclusive incentives, where different retailers get different things to give away, because each whines about some sort of exclusivity. Would you rather buy a game from retailer A over retailer B, if their pre-order offer interested you more. Is it more a question of price, or do you prefer to stick to your favoured retailer?

I can’t say they excite me at all, unless they’re incredible – but as they have to be mass marketed and given away, that never happens. More frequently, they tend to be digital extras, and I hate that because of retailer exclusives, it becomes impossible or incredibly costly to end up with a “complete” game.

Last Updated: May 23, 2014

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