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FFD: Is Pokémon Go a fleeting fad?

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Pokémon Go has rapidly become a cultural phenomenon. I’ve never seen any sort of game – mobile or otherwise – become such a part of the zeitgeist this quickly, or this profoundly. Even though it’s yet to officially launch here in South Africa (and much of Europe), I’ve already seen grown adult human beings and children alike going outside for walks, looking for virtual creatures.

In some decidedly terrible times, it’s been a strangely positive, unifying experience – bringing people together to catch digital critters. While I played and enjoyed it for a bit, I’ve run out of Pokeballs, and the nearest Pokestops to me just aren’t near enough. I’m also not spending money on this, so my time with Pokémon Go is effectively over.

Am I an outlier though? Does Pokemon Go have the mettle – or feature set – to be more than just a passing fad? Do you think, months from now, people will still be walking outside trying to catch em all, or is this odd phenomenon just a fleeting, passing fad?

Last Updated: July 15, 2016

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