FFD: What games do you keep coming back to?

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There are thousands of games released every year, and I’m pretty sure we’ve all got backlogs of games that we keep meaning to start playing but never actually get around to. Instead, there are games we keep coming back to instead.

For me? It’s Super Mario Bros 3. I just can’t stop. At least once a year, I load the game up – whether through emulation, or on a real functional Famicom – and tackle as many of the game’s 8 worlds in a single playthrough as I can manage.  The other one? A bit shameful I suppose, but it’s Peggle. When I can’t decide what to play, there’s always Popcap’s addictive ball-dropper to keep me company.

Darryn tells me he can’t stop playing Final Fantasy 8 – and now owns the game on 4 different platforms. What games have you held in an abusive relationship? Which ones do you keep coming back to?

Last Updated: April 4, 2014

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