FFXV leaked demo video goes in deep

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At some embargoed events, they will actually take away people’s phones to ensure that they don’t record what transpires. Someone obviously forgot to do that at a Final Fantasy XV demo session, leading to this leaked video.

The YouTube video was leaked here, but seeing as it will probably be pulled, here’s our magical version of the video:

The video shows off all kinds of visual effects, from terrain creation and day/night cycles to pores on the skin and special hair styles. Final Fantasy games have been known for pushing the boundaries of graphics on every console, and it appears that FF XV will be no different. With this much attention to detail and faithful construction of characters and environment, the game should be a return to form for the franchise. At least, I hope so.

I’m happy to see some pretty images, but I’m a whole lot more interested in gameplay and storyline for this game. I have faith in the team at Sqaure Enix that they will make a gorgeous Final Fantasy game – that’s just what they do. I’m more worried about if they will fall into the same traps as other Final Fantasy games, or if this will finally be another solid title that I can happily sink hundreds of hours into. Oh, who am I kidding – I will buy this game no matter what just because it’s a numbered Final Fantasy game. I’m a complete sucker.

Are you an idiot like me, who will buy this game just because of its franchise pedigree, or have you been burned too many times in the past?

Last Updated: October 31, 2014

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