"Fiddy" Sequel picked up by THQ

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I can only assume that there was a veritable amount of fist pounding and ‘Yeee biaaatches” coming out of the G-Unit Headquarters this weekend. The Reason? We have received news that the previously cancelled “sequel” to BulletProof has now been picked up by THQ.

This new “Fiddy” title was dropped by Activision along with Ghost Busters and Brutal Legend shortly after their merge with Vivendi. We can only hope that all the other titles get picked up by publishers as well because no one likes to see a title disappear into the abyss (actually, I can think of a few).

The strange thing is that I had actually heard a while back that the early impressions of the game were actually looking fairly promising albeit in a “Gears of War in the Middle East with lots and lots of Bling” sort of way.

source: darkzero

Last Updated: October 13, 2008

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