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FIFA 13’s Kinect commands are stupid

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How’s that for an impartial subjective headline? But let’s move back a bit and and see what I’m talking about, at E3 this year EA announced that FIFA 13 would contain Kinect voice commands and the one funky addition would be that the game would be listening to what you said and if you were rude to the ref it would react.

Now back then I said it may earn you a card but EA have since stated that this is not actually true but that it may change the strictness of the referee in the game and cause moral to drop. Now that’s awesome, I love that and it really does build immersion in a game.

However this video is more about showcasing how you can use Kinect voice commands to sub, change tactics and do other random things to make you feel more like a professional manager.

Granted real managers have to shout and control things by voice but that’s because they can’t just push buttons and make people do things. Do you really think Alex Ferguson and the like wouldn’t like to be able to push a button and get the players to do exactly what they want?

The problem with this type of immersion is that it’s bad immersion. It’s like a game where you die from one bullet to the head and can’t heal instantly with a health pack. Yes it’s realistic but it’s boring as all hell and no one wants that.

Last Updated: July 24, 2012

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