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The Evil Within jaw

I remember being terrified playing Resident Evil 2, and I have a feeling that The Evil Within will make me scream like the little girl that I used to be. This trailer is already quite terrifying for me – how on earth am I going to survive the whole game?

Here’s the latest trailer for the game, highlighting all the ways you could die with some wet and creepy sound effects:

It feels like a really grotesque episode of 1000 Ways to Die. With so many things that can kill you, I have a feeling that I will die in all the possible ways before I make it to the end of the game. Good thing there’s no permadeath. I’m not overly impressed with the textures in the game, although to be honest I’m generally too busy changing my pants to notice.

I know ammunition will be scarce, but I’m curious how well melee or other attacks will work. I’m sure you can sneak around the evil enemies, but sometimes I will have to kill all the things and I’m keen to see if it means hiding and stabbing all the things, or if I will just be shooting darts the whole time.

Which of these monsters seems the most evil? Well, the most Evil Within, I should say. I’m always the most terrified of enemies that can’t be killed. If all I can do is run away, I’m instantly ready to die and need a change of pants. And some brain bleach. The more I see of the game, the more I’m convinced that it will be scary enough. Why did I ever taunt them and say the game doesn’t look like a real horror? Now I’m going to have a play a truly terrifying game. I can’t wait.

Last Updated: October 7, 2014

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