Final Fantasy XIII Box Art Revealed

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Not being much of a Final Fantasy fan I can quite happily say that this new, calmer, box art is far more appealing to me over the chaotic mess that Final Fantasy games normally ship with.

But seeing as that rabbid gamers will get themselves worked up over just about anything I can’t see how there isn’t going to be a few complains (and petitions) over the new box art with threats of refusing to buy the game they so dearly love unless this atrocity is resolved.

Then some enterprising soul will come up with the wonderful idea of printing their own box art sleeves and the Internetz will rejoice and peace will rule the land once more.

What say you? Should we rise up and revolt or do we really not care about the box art?

And stop trying to look up her skirt, do you think the immaturity of the Xbox 360 followers is being demonstrated here with the flashing of more flesh for the 360 version?

Last Updated: December 2, 2009

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