Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Leaked

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What’s this, the release date for Final Fantasy XIII has been leaked by an official advertisement.

Apparently (there is no link to the source) a keen eyed user spotted a Final Fantasy XIII advert teasing that a release date will be announced soon, on closer inspection he/she saw that the advert ended in Before.swf so using some cunning logic and technical wizardry he changed that Before to an After and the resulting image above was displayed.

So 17th of December 2009 is the new expected release date for Final Fantasy XIII somewhere on the planet.

I have never been a Final Fantasy fan so this news doesn’t get me all excited but I realise I am in the minority on this one so I had to post it anyway.

It’s now just around 98 more sleeps to go are you getting excited yet?

Source: Destructoid

[Update] Bad Destructoid for not linking to your source, Good Joystiq for being more open about where the news came from.

This is the site ( that spotted that this banner could become this banner with a mere change of the URL

Last Updated: September 8, 2009

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