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Final Fantasy XV lasts up to 200 hours

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In the before times, I used to buy most games on the recommendation of salespeople in retail outlets. I know, it’s hard to believe, but back in the 90’s, I didn’t have internet and I didn’t tend to read gaming magazines. Instead, I would walk into my favourite retail gaming store, and tell them what I wanted and they would recommend a new game. My requirements were usually “an RPG with a minimum of 100 hours of game time”. So yeah, not much has changed – I still love those titles, and it looks like Final Fantasy XV will satisfy that gamer in me.

According to coverage out of E3, Game Director Hajime Tabata gave a lot of information during a Q&A session. He explained that the team anticipates 40-50 hours of gameplay for the main story, but of course there’s a whole lot more to the game. Just the extra stuff is estimated to add 100 hours of gameplay, with the whole game looking to take about 200 hours. With fans waiting for so long, the team wanted to make sure there was a lot of content to enjoy.

But I often found that JRPGs had weird pacing in the past. You’d play through missions and the story, but all of a sudden the enemies would make a huge jump in difficulty, requiring either far superior skills, or much leveling (read: grinding/farming). Some players love leveling their characters while others prefer the challenge of going up against most powerful enemies. There are options for both types of players:

If you level up too much, there can be situations in which you one-shot enemies. Tabata-san doesn’t think that’s necessarily a problem. He feels that some people enjoy to progress enough to beat easily certain tough enemies. He personally enjoys it as well.
In Final Fantasy XV if you fight a boss a bit over your level, you can bridge that gap with skill.
There will be an item that will prevent you to overlevel if you so wish. It’s specifically designed for people who enjoy low-level clears.

Lately, I enjoy games where the side quests reveal themselves at a nice pace, so that as long as you do all the side activities and quests, the main story enemies and bosses will be a relative breeze. Are you looking to mine this game for the full 200 hours, or will you just play the main story with the occasional dabble in the side activities and missions?


Last Updated: June 20, 2016

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